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Part of my new book

Here is the first part of my new book! I hope you like it.




“What did you do to your hair? You look like a six year old!” I smirked. Fern shrunk into the corner, her big green eyes imploring me to stop. But I just kept going. “Girls, did you see that she got 100% on that math test this morning? Such a show off!” My friends Danielle and Brianna chuckled behind me, and nodded in agreement. “You think you’re better then everyone! Don’t you?” I taunted, putting my face up to Fern’s. Tears were trickling down her cheeks. A pang of guilt hit my chest, but I ignored it. “Oh, look at the baby! She’s crying!” We laughed. Now Fern was crumpled in a ball on the ground, head in her hands. I decided it was time to back down before we got in trouble. I flounced off with a smirk over my shoulder, and we ran off down the sidewalk. As I ran I felt a little sad, a little guilty.  I had made this innocent girl cry again. But I couldn’t stop. It felt so good to get that anger out, to heal the wounds. My friends were whispering and giggling about our latest attack, but for once I didn’t join in. I convinced myself that she deserved it, I mean, who gets 100% percent on that test? No one did but her. She must be a show off. I shook it off and joined my friends on the conversation.



I sighed with relief when Emerson finally left. I wiped my eyes with my hands and stood up shakily. I grabbed my backpack which they had wrenched off my shoulders and thrust to the ground. I put it back on, and headed home. As I crossed the street, I thought about telling the principal on Emerson and her buddies, but I shook my head sadly to myself. I couldn’t. Whenever I tell someone, they make some excuse about why they did it or lie. For instance taking my backpack and throwing it, they would have said it had been choking me and they had done it for safety reasons. And since they were so good in class and around everyone else, people always believed them. I trudged up my driveway and through the front door. Mom wasn’t home as usual. There was a note on the kitchen table.

I’m sorry I’m not home again honey, I work until 9:30 tonight. Get your homework done and then you are allowed to watch TV for an hour. Agree with Zofia on the channel, if you fight, no TV. Help yourself to the salad from last night for dinner, it’s in the fridge. Love you sweetie!


I sighed. My mom was almost never home before eight in the evening, and often was called out on emergency. She was a surgeon at a very big hospital in the city, and was needed almost every hour of the day.  I put down the note and turned to the fridge. I opened it and took out the cold, limp chicken lettuce salad, which was in a bowl covered in foil. I removed the foil and dug in with a fork. I pulled out my homework and set it on the table beside me. While I was doing this, I caught sight of a picture of my dad on the wall. He had curly black hair like mine, and was tall and strong. Who would have guessed he would die from cancer the year after that photo was taken? He had died from lung cancer when I was five, and my little sister Zofia was three. Speaking of which, where was Zofia? I tiptoed upstairs, and knocked on her bedroom door.

“Come in!” A voice said. I pushed the door open and saw my ten year old sister lying on her bed, working on her homework. Her gorgeous blond waves flowed over the paper, and she brushed them out of the way. My sister had way better luck at school then I did. We had moved here a year ago, and started school. She was outgoing and cute, and soon became very popular. I was shy, and small for my age. Zofia was only an inch shorter then me! Emerson soon began to bully me, along with what she calls her gang, Danielle and Brianna. She smiled at me.

“Could you help me with this problem?” She said, holding up her math folder. I sat on the bed, and explained to her how the division worked. She soon found the answer and thanking me, continued her work.


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10 facts about me

1: I have 5 sisters and 1 brother

2: I am the eldest child in my family

3: My favorite color is blue

4: One of my favorite ways to style my hair is in a bun

5: I am 12 years old

6: I Irish dance

7: I am a New Mexican kid (I live in the state of New Mexico)

8: I love to write stories and novels

9: I like to draw, sketch, and paint

10: I have this blog!


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New book!

I am writing a new story, and I hope to be posting chapters of it regularly. It is inside the lives of a bully named Emerson Andrews, the girl she bullies named Fern Calvin, and Fern’s defenders and new friends brother and sister Brody and Amara Tenbrook. It is about their lives as I said, including the reason Emerson bullies Fern, how they become friends at the end, How Brody and Amara come to be Fern’s friends, and more. But I don’t want to spoil the book, so check my blog regularly for the chapters! And please comment  ideas for titles, since I am so bad at them.

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So the photo on my blog is from a long time ago, and I really want to change it, but for some reason it won’t let me, so I am putting this picture here. Hope you like it!

Dessa selfie.jpg

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School assignment on family member

My Sister Sophie


My younger sister is nine years old, and her name is Sophie. She will be turning ten December 18th. She is very, very pretty. Her hair is a variety of highlights, blond, brown, red, but it turns out a very becoming effect. It is slightly past her shoulders, and straight, with adorable bangs that define her awesome cheekbones very well. She has big hazel eyes, and long, very dark lashes. Her nose is the regular nose of all the kids in our family. (We all have the same nose), and her cheeks are pink, with as I mentioned, great cheekbones. Her smile is absolutely beautiful, it lights up the room. Her personality is mostly introvert. She enjoys being by herself or with just a few friends, especially one of my other sister’s, Nadia age eight, who is her special buddy. She is extremely creative, and “artsy”. She crochets like a pro, and even crocheted herself a pair of shorts with no pattern! She actually never uses patterns. Part of this is because she struggles with reading, because of a syndrome called “Irlens”. This can be caused by head trauma, or be hereditary. In this case, it was head trauma, as she had a minor concussion at three years old. Irlens causes problems with reading. There are many symptoms. To people who have Irlens words may float off the page, switch places, be blurred, swirl, and others. Sophie had almost all the symptoms, a very severe case of Irlens. She hated to read, because it would hurt her stomach, hands, eyes, and others, even though she really wanted to learn. Then at nine, she finally got tested, and got a color sheet. When put over a page, the certain color she gets straightens out the problems she has, and makes the words appear normally. She got a blue color her first time tested, and then she was tested again and got seven layers of green! But there are also glasses, which may help with reading street signs, using the computer, and other stuff like writing, as you can’t use a sheet for that. We are getting her these soon. She is well on her way to reading now, and is very excited! She is sometimes quiet and shy, sometimes bubbly, it depends on her mood. Everyone has weaker points, and for Sophie it’s her temper. If she gets raging mad she might even strike out and possibly hurt someone. But it’s much better then when she was younger, and the raging mad stage is rare. She is a favorite among our tiny siblings, as she hugs and kisses them when they are hurt, and plays with them a lot. They all go to “Dodo” (One of her many nicknames). Some of her nicknames are of course the one above, Bopie, Mopie, Soph, and others. She is petite, a little on the short side for her age and slim, but very healthy as she loves to run and play outside, and takes Irish dance lessons with her other sisters which includes me. I am the opposite. Instead of short I am tall. Sometimes people may think I am older then my age (Twelve), and think Sophie and I are three or four years apart instead of two. She and Nadia can share clothes fairly well, but definitely not me (She and I are  completely different styles anyway). She and Nadia sometimes got asked if they were twins, they were so alike. But as they are getting older they are starting to look less similar, which is disappointing for them. She is sort of a tomboy, but wears very girly clothes. I describe her as climbing a tree in a fancy dress. We are pretty different, (We even came up unalike when we played the see if you are alike hand game), but she is a very special person and I am proud to be her sister!

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Selecting hiking boots for backpacking

Hello! Today I will be talking about selecting hiking boots. Hope you will enjoy.

So, the three most important things to consider with hiking boots are how much support it gives your ankles and foot, what it is made of, and how well the boot fits you.

Support: The support in your hiking boot comes from the cuff that wraps around you ankle, and the midsole of the shoe. The firmer the midsole, the more support you get. Also, you want your cuff to be a little higher, it gives more protection from twisting and turning.

Materials: If you are going to be near a lot of water, crossing many streams, or walking in rainy areas, you will want a water resistant and lined boot, that withstands getting wet, and keeps your foot warm and dry. But if you will be in hot or dry conditions, a more breathable boot will keep you cooler. A lighter weight boot may be ready to wear comfortably  right out of the box, but if you are willing to take a heavier pack, the harder heavier boots will give more support, though they will need to be worn in before your trip. Also they won’t get worn out as fast.

Fit: Having you foot fit well in your boot might be the most important. You need to make sure there isn’t too much room, so that there will be no rubbing, and so it will support your foot correctly. You also don’t want your heel to come out of the shoe when you walk, indicating the boot is to big.  But you want to make sure your toes have space to move. If there isn’t enough space, when you are going downhill, they won’t slam into the front, this hurts, and will make your trek less enjoyable. The last thing you want is aching feet, that are red and blistered.

I hope this has helped you. If you want to learn more about backpacking, look at my other article, on choosing knifes. Thank you!